Lora, Rich Single Mom Durban, 36- I Looking for a man who will make me happy And I return the happiness

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I am a Rich Single Mom and I date the younger

I am a Rich Single Mom mummy and that should make it clear to kuthi I don’t date old people. As a rich sugar mom, I would quite happily settle for someone who is way younger than me. I don’t date older man because they will try to make me theirs completely, my own money makes it difficult for me to be personalised like that.

My personality

I got the Rich Single Mom type where I literally beg a man for nothing but maybe for him to leave me alone. All my life, I have cultivated this personality of doing my own things and now I am, the richest in my family. When you start talking to me, you will fall in love with me and be happy all the time. My personality is attractive and sweet.

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This is my dream type of relationship

I am a happy Rich Single Momand my dream relationship is just the same. I don’t hesitate to do things and I NEVER care what people think. When you are my Ben 10, my dream relationship involves us spending money together and having those late night drives where the starts are bright. Dating online, I want us to flirt all the time.

How I spend my nights

Okay, the first thing I do overnight is usually play some good music. Depending on whether I went out or I don’t, I like to drink and dance all night if it’s a weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t drink on weekdays so my weekday nights are spent watching movies and analysing stuff. I hope you are cool with that.

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