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I love healthy relationships, I want this thing to be so good that we will never be able to forget about it. I want to be with you so that we can go that extra mile together. To be real with you though, I don’t really care where you are, we can still meet because I got enough money to bring you here to my city. I can just pay a plane ticket for you and you can travel in the best comfort to come see me.

To tell you more about myself, I am a religious and cultural lady. But I also got this part of me that loves drinking and dancing. I do both actually and I don’t mind if you are the same.

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We will attend parties on weekends and still manage to come back and go to the shrine on Mondays if you want. Even though this sounds a bit strange to you, its actually true that I easily fall in love nd once I am in love with you I will be willing to give you everything I have. Trust me.

I prefer black guys though: I mean I am black and I need someone I can also relate too. Besides, we as blacks, we have our own culture and its good for me to take someone I share the same culture with. That can be you if you are black. If you have this quality, please join SATESPACE and inbox me right now.

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I love tall men: You can still win me even if you are short. I am just saying tall guys have a higher chance of winning me than shorter guys.

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