Get lonely Sugar moms on SATESPACE! Luthando (34, from Newcastle), : I have been lonely for too long and I can give anything to my next Ben 10.

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You could just go straight to contacting me

The only thing I am afraid of is wasting my feelings on someone that doesn’t exist. You have to find a way of proving that to me. This should not be so difficult to you because I have provided ways through which you can do it:

  1. Join the new site: SATESPACE. This is the best way to start talking to me. On this site I wont ignore you because I know it doesn’t have a lot of scammers and childish people. My response is definite. Use the below button and lets start:

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Create a good profile: You might join the site but I wont know if you are real unless you create a real profile. There are many ways to see if your profile is real. Firstly it should resemble you. This means by going to your profile I should be fully aware of your identity and interests

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 Be active on the site: Real users are seen through commenting and posting. Things like liking pictures and sharing stuff will only prove to me that you are real and maybe you deserve my attention. Honestly, I am afraid of being played or talking to a ghost account so im just doing this so I can be sure.

I have gifts for you

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 On our first date, I will surprise you with something, it might be an iPhone, the latest computer, a car or even your own house keys. Who knows? There is only one way to find out. Be my Ben 10! Besides this first site gift, there are things you are guaranteed to get from me nevertheless:

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Obviously you will drive.  What kind of sugar mom walks around with someone who doesn’t have a car? I will immediately make arrangements to get you the latest wheels so that you don’t embarrass me when we travel around together.

If you think the one you have right now is better you are fulling yourself.

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