Leigh, 36, Pietermaritzburg- I just want someone to spend my money with. Catch me right now on SATESPACE

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My appearance

In terms of skin tone, I am dark and smooth. I am a little hairy and I think I inherited that from my dad. You will see for yourself. I look like a goddess. Have you ever seen a princess? Join SATESPACE and look at my pictures. I have the body shaped like a cola bottle. What I want you to do is join SATESPACE and see this for yourself. I can’t keep saying this.


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Here is my opinion about relationships.

I think relationships can be good or bad depending on the couple. If you really join SATESPACE and find yourself a perfect partner, you will be happy the rest of your life. The happiness or the sadness in a relationship just depends on who you are with. If you are with someone insecure, everything can really hurts because they will deprive you of your privacy.

Body art

I don’t have tattoos or any extra piercings except these ones on my ear lobes. From childhood my family has spoken so negatively and I have never been a fan of tattoos since then. I don’t really care if my man has tattoos. It won’t affect our relationship. I have planned to get nose piercings before but none of my family members would agree to that so I abandoned the idea real quick.

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Dating history

I haven’t kept an accurate count of how many guys I have dated. I remember that I had my serious boyfriend when I was 19 years back in college. Things turned out nasty and I didn’t date for the next three years. After that, many men have just come and gone. When I got rich, I was just picking whoever I wanted. Things change.

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