Lisa Lee  38, Polokwane- Honestly, I am on SATESPACE for someone that loves fun.

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About Me – Free Online Date

Nationality: SA

Languages: Xhosa, Venda, English, Zulu

Party or Date: I would prefer a date

Favourite dish: I can eat anything cooked well

Religion: I am not religious


I can’t wait to tell you about myself and background. About my looks and complexion, my pictures on SATESPACE will do that, it’s why I uploaded them in first place. Sign up on SATEAPCE and you will get a quick idea about the kind of a woman that I am.

You have to use the button provided in one of the below paragraphs to sign up and see my pictures. I have a lot of hobbies and I can’t even tell them all here. Otherwise you’d spend days reading them. Read below if you want to know how I spend my time:

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My Hobbies And others

Swimming- I am a very good fast swimmer and I have done this ever since I was young. I tried to pursue my passion but bills and rentals kicked in so I had to find more paying hustle hence where I am today. I still swim though. That’s what I use my big swimming pool for. I like swimming in the night when there’s no disturbance. To me, swimming is some type of exercise that actually keeps me in shape.

Cycling – Believeit or not, I am one of the best cyclists in this region. It’s us that I don’t it for completion but I am pretty sure I’d do better than most of those you see on TV. I do this for recreation and exercising. People still ask me why I am still in such a great shape at thirty eight but they see me exercising every day. I love my body and I would do anything to keep it in shape. You really have to see my pictures on SATESPACE.

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Drinking and partying- I wrote this as the last one because it’s my most important one. With you, we are going to have fun and party all the time. I just hope that’s the kind of man you are.


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