Lydia – (39) Single and Searching for a Boy Younger than me – I prefer 18 to 25 All the needs will be provided.

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Being single for a long time makes a lady crazy and lose concentration. At times I forget where my cars are or even I forget where my home is. But the time I look at a man my mind comes back. Please take this opportunity to take me as I can provide every needle for you.

My personal details and hobbies

On top of the rest I like sharing photos. If your phone has poor quality photos I will buy you a new phone. I also need you to know that photos will be exchanged any time be it at night or day. So the first thing I will buy for you is a phone.

I am a single mother of 2 a boy and a girl. My girl is my camera girl of any style. Your job is to tell me how you want photos I can send and send. I need someone who doesn’t like smoking because I have children.

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What type of a guy I need.

In term of time in bed I need longer r0mance and longer time of you on top. So the first question is how long will you take on top. In terms of age I need 18 years to 25 years. Mostly I need someone honest and willing to start life with me. However I may choose you if your photos impress me if you are 30 years old.

My promises to you

  1. I will give you fees if you are at school – or university
  2. If you are at university I will give you a car to go to school with
  3. If you have family I will take care of them all
  4. I will give you R20 000 Salary for just being mine.
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How to get in touch with me

Thank you for this time Here are the methods of getting in touch with me

  1. My Home Tel: _27 11 343897
  2. My email:
  3. You can Meet me on SATESPACE follow instructions below

If you want to meet me on SATESPACE please follow these rules. As I have said above if you don’t like sharing photos please forget about me. I need your photos on SATESPACE first before we date.

Sign Up Satespace Below:

Satespace Sign Up Free Sign Up Satespace Online

After signing up please post 5 different images on SATESPACE. Please don’t post naked images. Post good images. And we enjoy together.

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Finaly if you feel I am delaying to meet you just comment below with your number. In addition please don’t forget to share images I like images.

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