Lydia 44 – looking for a guy to stay with and get a nice Smart phone now + a ticket to go overseas for shopping

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Hello guys l am failing to go to Canada alone l am very stressed l need a guy to be my boyfriend and lets go overseas – you will help me for shopping my goods there l order goods like cars, lorries, photocopiers and heavy duty  sawing machines – last time l was there with another guy and  the guy ran away with my 5 cars imagine – this time lam strictly l really love to meet a honest guy.

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You are very important my man to my life and you will see that l really need a man in my future – its like l need you to help me to go and help me to order goods no no – actually you will be the boss of my company and you will get in charge to all the employees like now l have about 69 subordinates who are in charge on the day to day execution of duties and l am the only Shareholder –lets be the Shareholder together.

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Are you staying in SA or any country – you are free to leave your contacts here – l need a guy aged 33 and above who is mature enough to take control of my big company – if you are 30 and below no problem I will take more time to induct to my business rules and regulations.

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