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I can’t sleep, I can’t eat until you say hie to my Whatsapp today. It was you a black whom I was waiting for. I can’t date Indians or any race please. South Africans are full of honey. Please take time and see what I mean. I have placed my house and cars to show you that I need true love.

My life and love life – About Queen Nellie

I am a single mother, my former darling was very abusive and not even willing to buy a single car. i remember one her bashed me for checking the price of an expensive car. We separated but pas is past I need to start a new life and enjoy with you.

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In addition to the above my business has grown a lot. Now I have 9 branches and I drive my own Mercedes Benz. We will be driving different cars each time we want. I am also happy to say this daily.

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Furthermore I will be happy if you really love me and choose me as your first darling in life as well. More so my life is nothing without a South African man. To get my Whatsapp please follow the rules below.

How to get my Whatsapp number

Firstly you should understand that if you are looking for a rich lady you should be prepared to start new things as well. You should be ready to do all processes. To get my Whatsapp Number you must be on SATESPACE.

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This is a social network for Single Baby Mamas- In South Africa. So to enjoy is Please Sign Up On the button below

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After signing up please post you real photos and we enjoy together. You should be ready to meet me as well. In addition to the above you must be ready for a video call. Only handsome boys will be taken home.

Thank you for your time Please if you have any question please comment here and I will answer you

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