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I am a Lady who is single, my previous relationship was bad to an extent of crying daily. However I have decided to come back again and start enjoying life. With great respect to all other single mothers who lead u to this platform they gave us hope and courage. I thank you guys.

Firstly  I am a business lady self-employed and the boss of 8 Saloons and few shops around the city. I would like to open another shops in other cities. That’s where my problem comes. I need a male voice to travel around with. I need a male boss on all my business.

I have suggested that if I open a new shop in Durban I will go with you to Durban daily. If I open in Cape Town I will fly with you again. Please assist me by just saying I LOVE YOU Nomsa. If you do that to me I will wipe my tears and give you whatever you need. Please Love me and I become a valued person in my life.

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What do I promise if we date from home- I need You Honey

  1. Firstly you will be the CEO of my life, my children and my business.
  2. Secondly you will lead all my business and all properties will be in your name and we will co own the business.
  3. I will have children with you darling
  4. I will pay all the fees for you and your siblings if you are going to school.

How to get my Whatsapp number and we chat privately.

My Whatsapp number is the same as the number I used on all my shops and saloons to coordinate the business. However I am opening a new number for you and we chat privately.

How to Get Whatsapp Number for A Free Single Mum Online

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In addition Please Use this Button to Download Photos And Watch privately. Now You can Enjoy As Well

That Button Will Make you See All photos And Enjoy. Just Click the Button And Enjoy Very Well. Single Mums Are waiting for you.

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Date from Home          Free Video calling     Free date Online

For now we can date from home and we enjoy life as well. I like video call and sharing images as well. I need you forever my husband. To get my Whatsapp number please Send me a message on SATESPACE. To Send a message you must Sign Up Here

Satespace Sign Up Free Sign Up Satespace Online

After signing up please Please Search for Nomsa – And Say hie- I will reply you and give you my new number. I thank you for your time. In case you don’t have data please comment below I will send you airtime for free

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