Rue, 38, Durban- I just need the be a sugar mom the someone. I don’t care about anything else. SATESPACE me now for my WhatsApp number.

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I’m not going to be scrutinizing things like height or physique because the be honest I’m not going to marry you. I don’t care what you have or what you don’t have. The only thing I want is your presence. When this beauty I shouldn’t be so generous but I think that’s the only way I can give everyone a chance. The one who goes out with me is not the cutest one. The guy who wins me is the guy who texts me first.

You know how this goes, if I still haven’t deleted this it means I haven’t been taken yet. The guys who are texting me on SATESPACE do not have profile pictures and I can’t go out with someone whose face in haven’t seen first.

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I want you to have at least two pictures of yourself before you text me because otherwise I won’t respond. If you visit my SATESPACE, your will see my beautiful pictures there and they will attract you, I wanna feel the same when I visit your SATESPACE.

You have to be willing to spend with me. Most of you guys are too big and you don’t even like spending even if the money isn’t yours. If you become my Ben 10, you have to be willing to spend my money with me. I don’t like someone that feels guilty after a late night or someone who gets drunk easily. That’s just not my type and I want something better.

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I only care about your presence. All I want is your and not this physique or good looks thing. I mean you can still treat me well even if your ugly or you can treat me badly even if you look good so looks don’t really mean much to me.

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