Ruth (38), Pretoria- I like traveling around with you as my Ben 10. Leave your WhatsApp number On the Comment Box

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I am Ruth- best sugar mama In South Africa

Talking about myself, I am a loving woman. I have a husband and a son but that can’t stop me from having a Ben 10 to travel around with. My husband is always traveling leaving me back home alone with it or soon so it’s my chance for me to travel around now. With me and you it will be different though, we will be spending bigger amounts today he ever did with girls.

My relationship is a bit unstable with my husband’s right now and I want a stable one with you. I know you are a loving guy and I can always get that from you. See for me, my faith will never be doubted because I will always start loyal to you. Noting is going to change between us except the fact that your will become richer than you have ever been. You will be happier too.

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Below are a few things today interest me in you. If you find yourself possessing any one is this, just know that you are the man I’m talking about. If you don’t have any of them, perhaps you should still join SATESPACE and try finding a better match. There are plenty of women on SATESPACE who would need a Ben 10 real badly. Join today and be rich and happy. Here:

1.Height-i like tall guys like you. You only have to be taller than me and I’ll consider you tall

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2. Clean shave-i can’t get over men who stay shaved and look clean

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3.Fit- Fat guys are just not my type. No offense but I prefer something else.

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