Sheila – (35) Single and Searching – I need a boy to be my Ben 10 – Please let’s chat on Whatsapp or SATESPACE

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Good day I hope you are enjoying the lock down. But as for me I am not even enjoying it because I am lonely. My previous ben 10 went back to KwaZulu Natal and now I am staying In Johannesburg. This long distance is killing me, we used to chat on Whatsapp but he suddenly went of line.  His last seen is on the 12th of Dec 2019. Ohh my god please can I get a new person.

Who is Sheila By the Way?

I am an optimistic lady, a business lady and a hard working person. I am a pure Christian who was born from a Christian family who love to worship the holy name. To add on to the above I have few businesses but I am getting R300 000 per month. I would prefer a boy who is willing to stay in and not going back home.

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More so I have a 4 year old baby- she is my queen. I would prefer a boy who is willing to have children. Starting a new family with you is my hobby. I don’t like boys who cheat. To be honest I would keep all the Whatsapp phones with me and l will keep the gate locked.

How to get all my details – Whatsapp or SATESPACE

I am happy that this is the time to meet and to be specific I only give my Whatsapp number to the boys who are willing to stay with me and enjoy. To get my Whatsapp please You need to Sign up for SATESPACE. To sign up please Use the Button below

Satespace Sign Up Free Sign Up Satespace Online

After Signing up please Make sure you have uploaded your profile photo and cover photo. In addition you must use real names. Because if I want to send you money I will take your name on SATESPACE.

How to Get Whatsapp Number for A Free Single Mum Online

Get Whatsapp Number Of All Single Mum Now. We Are Happy Now Please Check On this Button

In addition Please Use this Button to Download Photos And Watch privately. Now You can Enjoy As Well

That Button Will Make you See All photos And Enjoy. Just Click the Button And Enjoy Very Well. Single Mums Are waiting for you.

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After signing up please make sure your Whatsapp number is clearly written. I will call you once you satisfy all these rules.

Finally please Stay home and Stay safe – Till we meet after lock down – Lots of love from Sheila – Baby Mama

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