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My name is Sarah and I am a rich sugar mom .I have enjoyed early years of my life and just now my life is turning sideways ,I think I have exhausted all kind of things in the name of fun .I used to go from club to club and it just bores me now ,doing the same ordinary stuff .If I am to go to a club one more time I will do things differently and thus spend the night differently .I need someone with a different feel of fun who can help me enjoy life and help me love my life again .

Having inherited most of my things all I used to do is party and party ,I can never lose it all hey because it is quite a lot .I am worth a fortune .I want to change and turn things around . I want to start something of my own sweat and watch it grow and I want people who I can trust to help me with it .

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So ,you should be asking yourself why I should trust you ,a total stranger ,but believe me ,you are at a better position to earn my trust than my judgmental fake friends and relatives . It would not be the first time for me to date younger men ,I have quite an experience and I know exactly what you want .

My expectations

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By now I think you should have noticed that I do not expect you to be judgmental ,but I expect you to be honest with me and to appreciate my efforts .I also expect you to be supportive and help me grow and manage what is going to be our business if things work out .I am an understanding person and would not expect you to be perfect as  myself I am not but would want your strengths to complement my flaws and weaknesses .I hope this is not a lot to ask for .

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