Sugar mum Shekinah, 38, Durban- I am looking for a young Ben 10 who loves pets on SATESPACE to give my WhatsApp number to.

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About my personality

Firstly as a Sugar mum I wouldn’t say I got the best personality however  the truth is you wouldn’t feel ashamed to show me to your friends. As a Sugar mum I tend to have a dry sense of humour sometimes and things that amuse other people sometimes don’t even make me laugh. The weird thing about me is that I love pets more t5han I love people sometimes. Pets never fake a smile or go behind your back.

My past relationships as a Sugar mum

To be frank with you, I would say I gained more than I lost from my last relationships. It was time for me to learn how to handle a relationship without hurting myself in trying to do. With me, men have come and gone. In total, I think at this age I have dated about six guys. Only two of them were really interesting and able to make me happy. Others were just lessons.

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People think Sugar mum brag when we start mentioning about our finances. Sometimes we have no any other way of saying the truth but throwing it out there as it is. I am filthy rich and I got more than enough for my man and I. All the time, I have been gathering money and investing in new businesses. I quit work long back and the money is still coming while I sit at home.


If you are the kind of man who loves pets, then we should be together. Hit the SATESPACE button below and create an account from which you are going to text me for my WhatsApp number:                                        

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I am not religious but I still share some beliefs with religious people. I don’t care if my men is religious or not, I just don’t want him to keep judging for seeing things differently. My parents are not religious either and that just makes it hard for me to be any different. However, I am on my way to changing myself. I think I should find something to believe in.

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